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End-to-end workflow management solution for shipbroker organizations looking to streamline their business activities and drive digitalization.

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What do we mean by 
shipping business activities?

Shipping Online is carefully designed to work with your organization and clients' needs using a set of integrated apps and workflows to manage pre-sales, sales, and pre- and post fixture operations across Dynamics 365 and the cloud.


Manage sales and
pre-fixture operations

Create pre-fixture entities such as leads and opportunities and track emails and associate documents to these entities to get a full overview of the sales activities related to your customers.
With all data structured around the customer fast lookup and direct calling when doing business increase productivity and gives you as a broker all the necessary information for better decision making. When closing deals, approve your pre-fixture operations to post-fixture operations as part of the sales workflow process.


Manage post-fixture operations and invoicing

For all the supported operational fixture types, attach emails and documents, create and keep track of invoices and invoice plans and use vessels information to conclude fixtures.

For concluded fixtures, monitor broker and total commissions and other fixture figures in dashboard views and reports. Finalize with customizing business reports, and budgets and transfer concluded fixtures to accounting.      


Fixtures for a variety of business needs

A fixture contains relationships to other shipping entities, a great amount of detailed structured data and unstructured data, such a emails and informal and formal documents.

Different kind of fixtures are used to fulfill the business needs in the post-fixture phase. The solution supports Voyage, Time Charter, Contracts of Affreightment, Sales and Purchase, Valuation, New Building and a Simple fixture type to handle other cases not covered elsewhere.

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